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Teachable Moments during Child Led Play

"No set ‘planning’ here! We are led by your child’s interests."

  • We look for opportunities to allow learning to take place through child-initiated play.
  • We provide opportunities and environments that stimulate curiosity.
  • We observe and listen closely so you can follow the child’s lead.
  • We pick up on the thing/place/person/idea that has sparked the child’s interest.
  • We use open ended questions that ask for a description, rather than a yes/no or other single word answer – these usually start with what/how/why rather that do/is/can - (‘What do you like about that?’ rather than ‘Do you like that?’)
  • We praise and reinforce positive learning experiences.
  • We record both practitioner/child interactions and child/child interactions.
  • We take photographs of this and add to Tapestry as another way of recording progress.
  • We use some time for reflecting with the children what they have done/learned/found interesting during that session and feed this into your records.
"The adult goes to the child. The adult doesn’t call the child to come to them."

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